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2024 KIDS COUNT Data Book

The 35th annual KIDS COUNT Data Book looks at child well-being in states and territories across the country. See how South Dakota stacks up in this new report.

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New report on Medicaid expansion

South Dakotans voted in 2022 to expand Medicaid, making 51,000 adults newly eligible for affordable and comprehensive health insurance. With only 39 percent of eligible people currently enrolled in Medicaid expansion, effective outreach and enrollment strategies are necessary to maximize the benefits for South Dakotans. Read more about these outreach strategies in our new report.

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Updated County Profiles Available

Check out the updated profiles for each county in South Dakota highlighting key data on children's well-being.

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New report on the child care assistance program

Parents must sift through a patchwork of regulated and unregulated child care, waitlists, and ultimately pay high costs when they do find child care. Improving the child care assistance program is one opportunity to improve South Dakota's child care system.

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Thoughtful, effective policies and programs rely on solid data. South Dakota KIDS COUNT is dedicated to providing current, relevant, and reliable data to shape the issues affecting South Dakota children and families.


South Dakota KIDS COUNT releases research, data-driven publications, and analysis to help keep policymakers, community members, and advocates up-to-date on the issues affecting South Dakota children and families.


Stay up-to-date with all of the latest announcements, press statements, and news stories about South Dakota KIDS COUNT and our data-driven work to help children in our state.


South Dakota KIDS COUNT gives presentations on the data and provides our expertise on the well-being of children. Find links to our presentations and other resources.

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About Us

South Dakota KIDS COUNT is dedicated to improving the well-being of children in our state. When policy decisions are rooted in data and research, kids grow up in economically secure families, live in resilient communities, and meet developmental, health, and educational milestones.

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