Data Center

A project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the KIDS COUNT Data Center is a one-stop source for child well-being data and statistics. Access hundreds of child well-being indicators related to education, employment and income, health, poverty, and youth risk factors. Data is available for the nation and for states, as well as for many cities, school districts, counties and congressional districts across the nation.

South Dakota KIDS COUNT works with state agencies and other public data sources like the Census to compile additional data at the local level that is relevant for issues in South Dakota. We collect this local data and update the Data Center throughout the year to provide users with the most recent data available for children and families. The data center allows users to create maps, graphs, and custom reports. View our Data Updates Calendar to see the anticipated schedule for updates throughout the year.

Here are some quick links to common searches.

Data available for South Dakota Data available for South Dakota’s economic well-being indicators South Dakota data available by race and ethnicity

If you have questions about how to use the data or if there is data you’d like to request adding, please contact us.